MYLA Metaverse EN

Token sustainability

We have several sources to feed our pool, thus having enough resources to give commissions to all winning players in PVP modes, PVE and Land owners, we will still have several game modes in the future with own rates that will generate even more resources to redistribute.
10% of the Pool will be redirected to the sustainability pool where we will redistribute depending on the moment, for different strategies, in a Manual way, we will always be analyzing the project, new ideas, community vote, AMA's, Forms and external researches, besides national and international data about Traditional and Web3 Games.
These values will be redistributed according to the strategies above to:
  • Marketing;
  • Burn (manual);
  • Strategies;
  • Team.
What feeds the pool?
We have several ways to feed the pool, for greater sustainability of the project:
  • Token purchase;
  • Purchase of characters;
  • Skins;
  • Tokens;
  • Marketing Banners;
  • Purchase of Lands;
  • Customization of Lands;
  • Purchases using the PIX system;
  • Toll on the Lands, stipulated by the owners themselves.