MYLA Metaverse EN


A portion of the amount collected, excluding commissions from PVE and PVP players and land owners, will be distributed to national and international marketing, partners, influencers, paid advertisements in strategic locations on national and international banners. This value may vary according to future events such as the world cup.
The marketing will be done in several stages:
First stage: Pre marketing of pre launch token sales stages.
Second stage: During the pre-launch stages, we will continue marketing
Third stage: A part of the amount raised we will use to attract new investors for the public launch of the token.
Fourth stage: We believe that post marketing is even more important than pre marketing, so we will do something very aggressive to always be attracting new investors, so the economy will flow.
Infinite stage: Throughout the project, a portion of the entire amount raised will go towards continued marketing, to continue always retaining and attracting new players, with new features and new battle modes, as well as new limited seasonal characters and unique events such as World Cup and Christmas events.