MYLA Metaverse EN

Vision & Mission


The games have been growing and developing since the first game released, causing numerous audiences around the world to fall in love and be entertained in a way that no other modality does, and every day that passes, the games are increasingly and more part of our routine, and now with the integration of games and Blockchain, we can finally unite the useful to the pleasant, so we can have fun and make money with it, bringing the games to a new level never seen before.
Anyone can have fun and make money at the same time, all it takes is a simple piece of equipment, either a computer or a cell phone, to start having fun and making money in a safe way, intertwined with the most secure means in the world, the Blockchain.
We believe that anyone in the world will be connected in some way with E-sports in the very near future, because the games have been growing dramatically, several movies and series already portray the growth and some even show how the future of games would be, being present in every home and with easy access, where anyone can connect in a multiverse, making money and having fun with this new world we are building together.


We have as mission to bring source of income and entertainment for all audiences, we believe that a game of E-sports within the Blockchain need to be more than just a game where you earn money with virtually no effort in a way unsustainable with a minimum longevity, we have as a major goal to develop one of the largest multiverse projects that the Blockchain has ever seen and at the same time please all tastes and please investors and players of the Blockchain market, creating bridges facilitators for all possible audiences.
Moreover, we believe that easy access is one of the big problems in the market, and we are developing several bridges and means to facilitate the entry of as many people as possible, counting on professionals from both web3 and web2, focusing on both audiences and adapting the project for greater success.
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