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Myla was idealized by Pedro Henrique, CEO of Myla, three years ago with just a dream, for lack of skilled labor because Metaverse was still a term completely unknown, Pedro met the Utility Labs, an incubator of Web2 and Web3 projects, which provided that the dream came true and the project could be done with excellence and skilled labor, was then that the development of the 3D universe of Myla began.
Myla Metaverse is an E-sports game based on Blockchain technology integrated into the multiverse. Several game modes are integrated into this multiverse game where you can compete against other players or form teams with them to earn rewards based on your skill and rank.
The game features many different strategies and heroes, great visual diversity and mechanics, where only the best can be victorious.
The word "Metaverse" derives from the prefix "meta" (beyond) and the radical "verse", where we combine a 3D online universe, where people can do what they want or be what they want, mixing different environments and sounds, so our live in the metaverse will be a meeting in this unique universe.
The popularization of the metaverse concept is closely followed by the capital market. Since Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced the change of the company's name to Meta and put the virtual universe as the "next frontier" of his business in October 2021, several investment options related to the theme have emerged in different countries. Bloomberg, estimates that the movement around the concept will reach $800 billion by 2024, with the gaming segment accounting for half of this amount. The assets under management of metaverse ETFs may reach $80 billion in the same period, according to the agency. Citigroup, in turn, estimates that the metaverse economy could grow to between $8 trillion and $13 trillion by 2030, with 5 billion users, provided massive investments are made in technology and infrastructure.
Therefore, Myla Metaverse comes with the goal of being one of the pioneers of this market, bringing entertainment to players and investors of different ages, since the game has no restrictions, and can be played on computers, android phones and VR glasses, and soon IOS. With a 100% authorial development, with several mechanics and different game modes to entertain all types of audiences.
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